Naud et Poux agency’s work develops a continuous thought that has never fallen into the precepts of the up to the minute architecture. Over the years, the way of thinking has generated a contextual, conceptual and always circumstantial work.
In search of precision, concision and sobriety, the agency likes to confront its production to the test of time and the latest fad.
Many projects are also an opportunity to re-examine the constructions in their life cycles, their recycling and their resilience. Doesn’t the City rebuild on itself by additions, overlays, stratification and sedimentation? The fact that the time is invited in the debate and the process encourages a fresh, creative, bold and respectful approach.
This process characterizes the approach of the agency, regardless of its level of intervention - building, block, land, and whatever the program consists of: housing buildings, nursing homes, office buildings, equipment (including schools and hospitals) and some interiors. The agency today deals with all kind of programs with confident partners: private and public developers and all kind of investors. They know they can find in the work of the agency a sure value, leading to an elegant and radical contemporaneity. May they be thanked for it!