The Paty district needs to form part of the overall approach to Bègles, both in its heterogeneity and its multicentricity. The town has decided that its architecture should be taller. This will avoid urban sprawl and free areas that could then be turned into public spaces returned to the citizens.
The site initiates a strong landscaped character linked to the development of the district. The wish to have a central shared public space reveals the importance of the pedestrian’s relationship to space. This principle permits the creation of an agreeable atmosphere through the presence of plants and encourages the definition of public areas.
This provision also provides a solution to an important technical challenge: the management of water and flooding resulting from the elimination of the dyke network. Delicate and subtle landscaping could be used to collect these waters during flooding. The housing is built over pilotis that provide generous views as well as developing a visual and physical permeability below the buildings. The floodable nature of the area and the management of landscaped water will become the project’s main theme.
The project opens the way to reclassifying floodable land using a sensible approach to risk and the precautionary principle. It offers all local authorities with new urban development prospects.

  • Program : Urban studies et construction of 162 housings .
  • Location : Bègles, 33130.
  • Calendar : Work in progress.
  • Client : Domofrance sur les lots 1, 3 et 5 // Promoteur privé sur lots 2 et 4..
  • Surface : 9 200 m² SHAB.
  • HEQ : RT2012 et RT 2012 - 10% avec NF Habitat pour le lot3.
  • 1. BestOff : En cours.
  • Section(s) : housing.
  • Phase : En cours.