Boulevard Davout

Pari(s) 2072 presents the successful and completed work carried out on resilience. The result opposes the near-programmed obsolescence of all constructions since 1950.
Winner of the 2012 EDF Low Carbon competition (inhabiting the sustainable city) with a Special Mention for urban planning and involved in several think-tank workshops, the innovative project which has since become a reality is above all the shared work of RIVP, Naud & Poux, Franck Boutté and Mizrahi.
The project associates the qualities of today’s uses with a common sense approach to those of the future. This is achieved by anticipating the project’s capacity to change easily and consolidate its resilience with, as a common thread, complete control over the long term carbon footprint.
The dense architectural composition (plot width: 29 m) is initially expressed by subtraction and thus offers a spread envelope, a multi-function inner courtyard and an increased length of façades. Within this optimized volumetric layout all apartments with two bedrooms and more have dual aspects and wide balconies, openings giving onto different directions and uninterrupted views.
On the 9th floor, apart from the panoramic view, the shared garden and greenhouse provide tenants with a friendly environment dedicated to gardening and the greening of the building.

  • Program : Construction of 68 units of social housing, community area and drop-in childcare centre .
  • Location : 134 boulevard Davout, Paris, 75020.
  • Calendar : 2011 award, 2012 Lox Carbone Award, Delivery 2017.
  • Client : RIVP.
  • Cost : 12 M € ht
  • Surface : 5 600 m² shon .
  • HEQ : label BBC Effinergie certification, Cerqual H&E profi l A_ option performance, Plan Climat of the city of Paris.
  • Section(s) : housing.
  • Phase : Delivered.
  • Distinction : [fr]Prix EDF Bas Carbone 2012 de la prospective urbaine[en]project competition “low carbon edf” 2012 award for urban prospective.