Bourget_ Bâtiment 5

Affirming the centrality of the Porte d’Italie gateway to Paris and the entrance to the new central green space, the project recreates the urbanity being sought. At its prow, there is a “beacon” façade that plays with the volumes by installing winter gardens adapted to both context and use.
Top floor volumes break down the building’s bulkiness while retaining the density required by the programme. The voids generated by the setbacks govern the changes in scale. They also offer vast terraces that allow abundant planted areas to be developed at the tops of the building, thus affirming the extension of parks and gardens along a vertical plane.
On the ground floor, positioned directly on the square, a shop occupies the three corners of the building, placing the project in its context by incorporating a double height whose dimensions adapt to the outlined space.
The project places emphasis on the principle of buildings able to evolve over time, both on the scale of the housing units and on that of the building itself.

  • Program : 70 social housing, 200 m² for activities et car-park .
  • Location : Paris, 75013.
  • Calendar : Competition 2014 - Avril 2017 : construction.
  • Client : Elogie-Siemp.
  • Cost : NC
  • Surface : 5337 m² SDP.
  • HEQ : Plan climat Ville de Paris, RT 2012, Certification »H&E » profil A et label Effinergie + .
  • Section(s) : housing.
  • Phase : Delivered.