The project’s context is characterised by the considerable heterogeneity of the adjoining built forms that group together a residential fabric alongside large housing blocks dating back to the 1970s.
The strip architecture echoes the existing layout and, in particular, that of the houses to be found on Rue Danton. As a result, the strips are either contiguous or separated and create passages and perspective views between street and garden. A large differentiation breaks down any sense of linearity and divides the project into two complexes.
In terms of volumetry, the project attempts to develop the urban form of the single family homes that represent the nearest typology.
The project proposes an urban stratification of villas with a first seating for the houses on natural ground level and a second seating for the houses on the foundation base. The base and its thickness result from a new natural ground level for the upper level houses. The lower level villas give onto gardens on street level while the upper level houses open onto higher level private gardens.

  • Program : 37 social accession and car park .
  • Location : Gennevilliers, 92230.
  • Calendar : 2017 Construction.
  • Client : Coopérative d'HLM de la Boucle de la Seine.
  • Cost : NC
  • Surface : 3017 m² SDP.
  • HEQ : RT 2012 BBC effinergie, Certification H&E profil A, label Qualitel, Promotelec, 30 % d’énergie renouvelable .
  • Section(s) : housing.
  • Phase : Delivered.