Part of the residential COLMASSY block, the aim of the programme is to integrate students into this district by providing them with their first housing units. The way these housing units are entered is important. Designed as areas where people can meet and discuss, the open-air access decks lead through to wider areas used as thematic terraces, places to relax and chat. The units themselves stretch from one side of the building to the other. The students enter through the kitchen space which has large glazed openings giving onto the access deck. This transparency encourages exchanges between neighbours. The bathroom and corridor lead through to the private space represented by the bedroom which is protected from the entrance/kitchen zone and provides a quiet setting well adapted to concentration and studies. The project is based on an urban and landscaping concept that incorporates the entire residential block. Designed to make reference to the architecture of the surrounding projects, the building is formed from several elements that impose a sense of rhythm. Certain volumes rise up over ground level to create street corners while others are anchored to the ground to incorporate the garden’s landscaped furniture.

  • Program : 179 student housing units .
  • Location : Lot 2.1.2 - Zac Ampère 143-145, rue de Paris, Massy-Palaiseau, 91.
  • Calendar : delivery may 2013.
  • Client : Interconstruction.
  • Cost : 8 M € ht
  • Surface : 6 000 m² Net Floor Area.
  • HEQ : Very high energy performance label.
  • Section(s) : specific housing.